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Just real quick, yes the one fic I mentioned in which Duncan was mentioned as an old man is the parody story we talked about and the other fic that also explain the plotholes in the games is called, “The Awakening” by Quackerdrill. The latter fic is old, though, back at 06.

One other note is to not worry too much about the battle in Chapter 9. Again, part of the reason is cause too many Pokemon were involved and it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening unless I read that chapter a couple more times. However, I understand why you went with that route. So yeah, don’t sweat it too much.

‘kay, to the review! Ha, Duncan again! Have to agree with DP on that. XD

One of my favorite parts is actually when Wes kicked the Spheal. More trainers should actually kick Pokemon instead of battle them.

I love how you give some emotional description to Crowncraw/ Feraligatr after being purified. Nice touch there and shows how the Pokemon feels after not being a shadow anymore.

I thought you did this battle way better than in Chapter Nine, in terms of comedy and also having a lot of Pokémon being involved. I’m able to track what’s happening better and also I want to kick that Wynaut. XD And yeah, Pikachu overload FTW!

One thing is I’m confused is if Himontop has been purified or not. If he did, there’s no mention of that, unless I missed something. Another problem is I’m wondering if Wes will try to find Yanama again. That chapter seems like he won’t, which I guess so.

Once again, I enjoyed this chapter a lot. Keep it up!