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Originally Posted by Raiser View Post
And I tried HEX numbers 192, 193, 194, and 195, but none are of LATIAS and LATIOS.
192 = Regice, 193 = Registeel, 194 and 195 = GROUDON and KYOGRE. Where's [email protected]?
Oh, so close
Latias is 0x197, Latios is 0x198.

But bear in mind, there's a good reason for the "defines.dat" file - it allows you to write a script with something like this:
setvar 0x4001 LATIAS
It will automatically be converted at compile time.

I have implemented your script generator modification, but am not going to release it just yet - I am trying to keep updates more steady so people don't have to download a new version every hour or something (as with in the early stages of this program's development).

Originally Posted by The blob of blobs View Post
try this "\\\h" you probably will laugh at me but hey it's an idea
No, that would come out as a backslash and a backspace (DOS) character.
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