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Hello and welcome!
Hello everyone,
and welcome to my tradeshop.

Before you start offering on my pokémon, some simple rules:

- Do not offer Hacked Pokémon.
- Do not Flame/Spam this thread.
- If I skip you, tell me in a NORMAL way.
- Make reasonable offers.
- Show respect to me and other players.

I think you guys should know that I CLONE my Pokémon with the GTS glitch.
I do that so I can keep a copy for myself

My Wants:
What i want most is Lvl 100 EV'd Pokémon. (Preferable shiny)
I want a Lvl 100, EV'd Non-Shiny Charizard the most.

What I have to offer:

Lvl 100's:


Nature: Lonely
Stats: 341/314/235/101/126/106


Nature: Impish
Stats: 322/211/258/207/217/224

Palkia (Jap.)

Nature: Bold
Stats: 316/249/249/339/276/220

Nidoking (Shiny)

Nature: Lax
Stats: 301/240/207/198/161/192

Salamence (Shiny)

Nature: Impish
Stats: 340/341/193/230/216/256


Nature: Rash


Nature: Serious
Stats: 347/249/218/337/318/208

Shaymin (Flower Paradise, Obtained With AR)

Nayure: Lonely
Stats: 330/234/227/223/233


Nature: Lax
Stats: 333/206/247/206/197/234

Lucario (Shiny, EV'd, Knows Blaze Kick)

Nature: Jolly
Stats: 267/290147/228/174/277

Darkrai (Newmoon Island, Obtained with AR)

Nature: Bashful
Stats: 254/208/189/283/203/274


Nature: Bold
Stats: 295/223/182/210/174/226

Tyranitar (Shiny, EV'd)

Nature: Adamant
Stats: 360/403/256/203/236/203


Buneary (Shniy, Touched, Lvl 26)

Nature: Carefull
Stats: 64/45/35/28/48/57

Groudon (Lvl 95, Nicknamed: Stefan)

Nature: Bold
Stats: 359/324/315/212/211/197

Manaphy (Shiny, Lvl 1)

Nature: Naughty
Stats: 13/7/7/7/6/7

Entei (Japanese, Lvl 54)

Nature: Rash
Stats: 197/130/98/113/78/113

The Regi's (Level 40, UT) (Exept Registeel, he has a very weird nickname :\)

Spiritomb (Lvl 1, UT)

Nature: Quirky (Can try to breed others if requested.)
Stats: 12/7/7/7/7/5


Nature: Quirky
Stats: 43/20/23/36/30/35

Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf (UT) (Except Azelf, i changed his moveset for Contests)

Lapras (Shiny, lvl 1, UT)

Nature: Carefull
Stats: 13/7/6/5/7/6

Rhyperior (lvl 55, UT, Only evolved it)

Nature: Bold
Stats: 199/154/172/70/82/52

Lugia (Shiny, 70, UT)

Nature: Relaxed
Stats: 248/142/217/145/222/153

Happy Shopping

Pokemon Diamond Friendcode: 0903 - 5848 - 6695
Pokemon Diamond Name: Jordy

Visuit my Trade Thread!

PM me if you want to battle! If you wanna know if i'm good, ask Turtwigtoon

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