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    That's what I always do. I wonder if it's just the way I paste them into Paint and put 6-8 of them next to each other. (Or maybe it's saving in .jpg, one of the two.)

    Slight Update
    Well, I added the whole Bike event to Goldenrod's Bike Shop, so now you can get a bike. The problem is, I'm not too sure how to code it all. I have an inkling, though: I modified the Running System code a bit so it'll change Hiro into his Bike sprite if his switch is on, and then play the bike theme (which I fixed so it loops properly; I'll eventually do this for most of the other .midis), along with controlling movement using the arrow keys. Another problem lies in the fact that Marina players might get the short end of the stick, since the Marina charset I currently have is just her walking, so there's no bike set, and to my surprise, no surfing set, or much else of what Hiro's has. I asked if anyone had a full Marina charset over in the Resources thread, but I'll ask here again. And if anyone's willing to make one (in the event that nobody has one), I'd really appreciate it, and you'd of course be credited for it. I tried to do something to put her on a bike, but I don't think it'd be that good. If nobody offers, I could keep at it and just use that for the time being, but pixels might be off here and there, and I'd have to figure out the color scheme on the part of her clothes that you see.
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