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Thanks for the comments, guys. Scarex, I'm not sure what you mean by "fire network", but I got those rooftop tiles from FRLG and recolored them. Kyledove, thanks for the tip. I knew I was doing things differently than I used to. XD

Well, I managed to throw in a Bike system, mainly by modifying the Running system coding for the bike. The first time you use it, you'll get a message telling you to use one of the SHIFT keys to get off it, and that triggers a switching of Bikes to the one that triggers the switch to activate the coding for the 2nd+ time you use it, so you wouldn't get the same message. I tried to make it so you could still go in a house/Gym/PC/PM/etc while on the bike, but I couldn't figure out why, once you went back outside, you couldn't use the bike. I was making a branch with the Bike Key variable set at 7 (since you'd be hitting the SHIFT key to get off, and that's its corresponding value), but nothing. So I gave up on that, and instead, you'll get a message with the hero wondering if he/she should get off before entering. Also, depending on where you are, once you dismount the bike, that place's theme will play.

Of course, the Bike system is incomplete, since I still need the Marina/bike charset to finish it up. I've attached the Marina charset I'm currently using, so if anyone wants to try and make it a full charset (bike, surfing, etc., much like Avatar's Hiro charset), like I said before, you'll be credited for it (with credit to rm2k3kid for the original one, of course). I'll also post this in the Help/Requests Thread just in case.

And now that that's mostly done, I'll try finishing up Goldenrod and move onto Route 35.
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