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    May I request a save file?
    I'd like all the starters from each region (Of course, not including Sinnoh)
    Please pick Mudkip as starter (so that Brendan will have a Treecko)
    I'd also like a Ditto (for breeding purposes)
    a Psyduck and a Tropius for HM slaves
    If Mudkip could have Pokerus that would be nice. (or any of them is fine)
    all pokemon level 5.
    all females! (except the genderless ditto)
    The pokemon i want in the party are:
    Mudkip, Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Charmander, Squirtle.
    (so the other 6 should be in the PC)
    Emerald version (English version!)
    Girl character
    name: MIN
    (exactly as is above - all caps)
    If possible, please save before the first rival fight with brendan!