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Well, i've been on a little trip the past days, so i've missed alot.
Let's fgo and answer

Originally Posted by megax50 View Post
Kk, lemme know when! hope its soon though, its 2:30 in the mornin here lol
Cloning goes slow, but still.
i like your poké's too much to give up

Originally Posted by master.jimmy View Post
shiny buneary-> shiny squirtle
shiny electivire -> shiny lapras

u have a PM!
i read it, i'll pm back as soon as i'm ready

Originally Posted by RoseRed View Post
Mine's in my sig too,
vm me when you're on and ready to trade~
i'll vm you soon, your trade has been ready all along

Originally Posted by hcoteen2008 View Post
Do you know how long is a while??
Probably tonight i'm gonna hear if i amy buy the AR or not

Originally Posted by Ultima0071 View Post
Interested in following pokemon (* designates shiny):

CMT (link below) for offers. All pokemon that are 'new' are an automatic trade.
They are all shiny, and i you just tell me what kind of offer you have in mind, that would make it much easier.

Peace guys

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