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Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
The map looks great. The only thing that really bothers me about it is that it doesn't really flow that well. Every route just leads to a dead end (or a route that leads to a dead end). I'm fairly sure you wouldn't want to do this, but just adding some small routes between some towns and cities to connect them would make navigating the map without Fly much better (and thus make gameplay flow better, too). Anyway, nice job on the map.

I know, I really shouldn't have done this, but I edited your map as an example of what I mean. Of course, I added a bit too much.

If you want me to remove it, I would be more than obliged.
I don't mind it. :3 I rather like what you've done with the north-central part of the region-- which, iirc, hasn't been mapped yet. We could make players have to travel the long way to get to the northern city, where they'd get an HM and then would be able to travel the more direct way back.

Some parts of the region I rather like better when left in isolation, though-- in particular, Nowtoch (the red city to the west) has a gimmick of being in extreme isolation; the only way to get to it on foot being to travel through a cave. (NPCs remark on this frequently.) And that's not to say that Fly will be the only method of regional transport...

Also, the yellow places are volcanoes and rather supposed to be left in isolation, with only one path to get there.

But thanks! ^^