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Thanks, Jax. If only I actually have the drive to finish "Destiny's Tricks." ;

Gasp! Plot bunnies are on the attack, but you've got a brainchild to save! How do you keep from wandering off onto those other stories and leaving a poor abandoned fanfiction neglected and in the cold?

Pretty much those plot bunnies are of one shots, shorts, so I just go write them. I wrote like four one shots while working NE.

The plot bunnies that would work better for longer works, though, I just write them down on a notebook and hopefully will get to that work after finishing the fic I'm working at the moment. However, when working both "Destiny's Tricks" and NE at the same time, I went with DT first and then after losing inspiration and suddenly on a suspense/mystery sugar high, went back to NE. XD

What do you hate most in fan-fictions?
Same with Jax's complaint about lead male and female character OTP. Just because a male and female are going together, doesn't mean there has to be romance. I'm planning an OT fic where the lead male and female character are going to travel together, but there will be no romance between them. Basically they have to because they're on the run from an organization/cult. That, and also the lead male is a sixteen year old established trainer while the female is an eleven year old trainer going to her second gym challenge at a new region. XD;

And oh, this is coming from the reviews of NE: THAT EVERY ENDING HAS TO BE EPIC. True, we all like confrontations, the world coming to an end, and all that jazz. However, not all stories have to call for that. If you're doing an epic ending just cause it's cool, then no. Endings basically have to somehow connect everything that happened in the story. And yes, I'm fine if it goes either the happy or tragic route. For the most part all of the endings I have done ends with with the characters learning something from their actions (whether they have been redeemed, off the hook,etc. is a whole 'other story).

*suddenly gets mangled by tragic ending fans*