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    Originally Posted by Aurincha View Post
    ...Yet it sounds so FREAKING HILARIOUS when you say it. How do you do this, Jax? How do you always do this? I just can't comprehend.
    Sheer talent. ;D

    Also, being half-cracked from overwork tends to help too.

    Did that help you, Jax, my dear?
    ...It sounds a lot like what I do frequently. XD

    I think Misty x Ash is a cute shipping and all, but it's just so not Ash to run around crying and getting depressed over Misty - or any other girl, really. Ash is just not like that.

    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    Guys, never ask me what I think of Ender in Exile. Never.
    What do you think of Ender in Exile? You can tell Orson Scott Card. ;D
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