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Cheers for the reviews, people. =)
Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
First review. Fwee.

Ah, the much-anticipated showdown with Skrub. Good 'ol memory loss - so THAT'S why Pikachu never used Thunderbolt. In the battle, I enjoyed how Skrub tried to get his Pokemon to destroy the Relic Stone as well as battle with Wes. I also liked how they failed epically in doing so. Suppose you can't expect much more from a Clamperl that just sits there, and a Wynaut that only makes bad puns and lashes out at its teammate.

Major lesson learned: Do not walk on Duncan's lawn. He doesn't like that and he'll wave his stick at you until you succumb to its awesomeness.
I also found it silly that the stronger Pikachu only ever used Quick Attack, and that although he was there to destroy the Relic stone, he seemed more interested in battling Eagun and than you. And then he just walked off, upset that his normally overpowered Camperl proved ineffective. XD

And one must always watch out for duncan's lawn.
In these hard financial times, what isn't too expensive?
Teapots, apparently. XD
A truly terrifying sight indeed. My retreat would have been even faster than Skrub's, if I happened to be the Cipher agent in charge of destroying the Relic Stone
True, that. I know your like - or lack of - for Pikachu well. XD
Huh... I could've sworn it was at Lv. 38.
I claim typo. =P
Anyway, great chapter, and it's always nice to see Skrub get pwned. And, as closing remarks...

Eagun, I love your signs! They rock my world!
Thanks for the review once again. =) And indeed, it is fun to beat Skrub - the guy that's a bos... but actually isn't. Game kinda went meh on his importance. XD[QUOTE=Bay;4578945]
Just real quick, yes the one fic I mentioned in which Duncan was mentioned as an old man is the parody story we talked about and the other fic that also explain the plotholes in the games is called, “The Awakening” by Quackerdrill. The latter fic is old, though, back at 06.
I see then. And Quackerdrill... familar name, indeed.
One other note is to not worry too much about the battle in Chapter 9. Again, part of the reason is cause too many Pokemon were involved and it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening unless I read that chapter a couple more times. However, I understand why you went with that route. So yeah, don’t sweat it too much.
‘kay, to the review! Ha, Duncan again! Have to agree with DP on that. XD

One of my favorite parts is actually when Wes kicked the Spheal. More trainers should actually kick Pokemon instead of battle them.

I love how you give some emotional description to Crowncraw/ Feraligatr after being purified. Nice touch there and shows how the Pokemon feels after not being a shadow anymore.
Shpeal punting should become a national sport. Incidently, partly inspired by the animation it has whenever Speal gets attacked - it rolls pack into postion. Thought it'd be amusing if someone kicked it like a ball. XD
I thought you did this battle way better than in Chapter Nine, in terms of comedy and also having a lot of Pokémon being involved. I’m able to track what’s happening better and also I want to kick that Wynaut. XD And yeah, Pikachu overload FTW!
Might be slowly improving on my battles then... hmm. Admittedly though as you mentioned, here as opposed to Chapter 9, there was only one trainer compared to...something like 10. XD Gave me more time to do stuff like that, I suppose, but yay for the comment.
One thing is I’m confused is if Himontop has been purified or not. If he did, there’s no mention of that, unless I missed something. Another problem is I’m wondering if Wes will try to find Yanama again. That chapter seems like he won’t, which I guess so.

Once again, I enjoyed this chapter a lot. Keep it up!
Hitmontop is not purified - hence the lack of mention over it. But he remains a Shadow Pokemon, and as mentioned (and within the game as well), one only gets purified by the Shadow Pokemon once their 'shadow metre' is fully depleted, or rather when they're ready for it (through love and friendship and food and massages and what-not) - hence why it is not purified. A stone can only do so much. XD And haven't forgotten about Yanma just yet either. (Hmm, maybe should give it a mention...). But cheers for the review again!
Originally Posted by Ninja Caterpie View Post
Fwoot. That was awesome. =D

Nothing more to say, I guess, but that was really awesome, and godly funny.

Hah, I'll keep in mind that spoons are too expensive. =P
Glad you liked it, and hurrah that after all the time it took you liked it. =)

Mind you, the plastic spoons can be bought cheaply in bulk, I believe... =P