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    Originally Posted by txteclipse View Post
    Spoilers, mostly. I didn't really want to post major plot points and then have one of my readers come across it. I guess that's kind of an inherent risk, though.
    It is a risk, but if you have a problem with a future scene in a fic, or if you just want to give all the details of an idea, then spoilers are rather difficult to avoid. The best you can do is warn that your post contains spoilers for your fic and place them under a spoiler. That's the best you can do, and then it's their own problem if they click on them and read something that might spoil a surprise for the fic.

    You can, however, get those people who haven't read your fic yet for whatever reason to respond to your plot points/ideas/problems with your fic, giving you advice without having the story ruined by spoilers.

    But then again, spoilers are a difficult thing to avoid online. (Which is why people became hermits when the last Harry Potter book was coming out.) So, there's always that to consider.

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