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    i got an idea for the contest:

    Team Galactic captures Cresselia because there is a myth that it can use its lunar powers to cause everything to go into a permanent night, causing Darkrai to come out so they can capture Darkrai and use its abilty to trap people in dreams to control them, taking over the world like that

    but then like u release Cresselia and chase it around, capture it, and use its powers to return the day and night like normal, but Galactic gets really mad and goes all out with Darkrai and takes control of all of the gym leaders, and sends them all out to get you, and after you beat them, the Galactic leader fights you with his team and Darkrai as like a final boss battle and after you defeat him, Darkrai regains control of himself and flees, releasing all the leaders minds, then you have to go fight the remaining leader(s) that you didnt defeat before the madness begins, go to the E4, beat the champion, then go to a place to face Darkrai and capture him. then when u get to the place to face darkrai, the Galactic Leader will be just before Darkrais chamber and challenge you one last time. wat ya think?