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    Originally Posted by thelaytonmobile View Post
    I remember Wichu saying he would not include battle animations, however I think it would be cool to have the legendaries with animations, just to make them stand out.
    I won't include battle animations at first; however, they might eventually be included. Giving only legendaries battle animations would be pointless, as I'd have to make an animation for each move they learn. Unless by battle animations you mean animated sprites, like Crystal/Emerald/D/P/Pt? I've considered making those; however, it would increase the filesize by quite a bit, and would also mean double the amount of sprites would have to be made. It's not being ruled out altogether, though...
    Originally Posted by gigalo View Post
    hey do you need any graphics help?
    Not right now, sorry. But what do you mean by graphics? Sprites, or something else?
    Originally Posted by aipomguy View Post
    RPG XP??
    Oh gawd Was it just RPG XP??
    Please I need this answered
    Yep, just RMXP. Shows what you can achieve with some scripting knowledge :P
    Originally Posted by Jαcκςση View Post
    This game looks great. Good luck with it.
    btw, I LOVE what you did with the start menu. So intuitive!
    Thanks. I'm also working on recoding all the other menus, too; my aim is to get rid of all text-based menus altogether.

    Here's an example of what I mean:

    The controls are pretty intuitive. Pokémon are selected with the C button (equivalent to A). To switch two Pokémon, select one, then the other.

    To view a Pokémon's summary screen, select it, then press C on it again.

    To give hold items, either select Item (which brings up the items screen), choose the item, then select the Pokémon you want to hold it, or select a Pokémon without an item, and then select Item. Taking and replacing items works similarly.
    Finally, to use a field move, select the Pokémon and then select Moves. This will show the moves it can use; select one to use it. I'm planning on eventually having the Moves button show every move usable by Pokémon in your party; however, this hasn't been implemented yet.

    Any comments or suggestions?