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    Firstly, it started out cloudy and she was all alone. Well, except for Sands, but he was wild back then. She remembered that she was really exited to become a trainer and was already imagining her gym battle with the Viridian City gym leader. Her grandmother completely supported her goal of being a Pokemon League Champion. Being a Pokemon trainer herself, her grandmother taught her about Pokemon and how they should be trusted and looked after properly.
    Missed the C there.

    “Look,” Leah said, sighing and knowing that they weren’t going to listen to her. “It’s going to start raining any minute now and you can’t search the entire deck in that weather. It’s not like Vulpix isn’t going to die if he gets wet. Wait until it clears up more before doing anything.”
    O_o Um...yeah.

    I probably saw other mistakes earlier, but I forgot them. ._. Anyway, this was a very interesting chapter. I can't wait to see where Leah ends up. (Uncharted desert island?)
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