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    Congrats on all new shinies. I, on the other hand, still haven't hunted yet.

    I'm very excited about the Gold and Silver Remakes. I'm gonna get both of them, and dual hunt like a maniac.
    After I get Dialga, I'm gonna chain shiny Magmar, Croagunk, and possibly something else.
    I also hope Zapdos will shine quickly.

    An interesting note from another forum:
    A member on Pokemon Epiphany posted in the HeartGold and SoulSilver thread said that there were some interesting features leaked. These are unconfirmed, but will excite the crap out of me if true.
    -Mewtwo and the Birds are in Kanto.
    -The "dogs" and the two Mascot legendaries can all be caught in one copy of the game
    -The DSi can interact with... the PokéGear, I believe it was.
    -You can get a Gold or Silver PokéGear, regardless of the version.
    -Mew, Deoxys, and Celebi are all obtainable on their Islands/Areas.
    -New Underground
    -New Battle Frontier
    -New Pokétch
    -Obtain all Kanto Starters
    -Obtain one Hoenn Starter

    Very exciting. I'm also speculating that, like Yellow, the Starter will follow you around the whole game. Doesn't appeal to me, but whatever.
    Good luck, all.
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