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Hi pipz...
I am done scripting the third scene of Chapter 4 of the LoG story...
Here's a preview...

It is a short little script. Nothing special about it, really...

Also, I have inserted a lot of new sprites in the Hevah Dex lately...
I replaced both Sentret and Furret with Furruny and Guibit.
Deazone is currently being sprited, though...
Ledah from deviantArt, and the creator of Gabby, gave me some OW sprites of Gabby.

That would be all.


Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
Whew, I finally finished Beta 2. There are still signposts to edit though. For example, Rainbow's City's theme isn't edited.

I think the Rivals/Gym Leaders and Lombert's OWs should be edited. (Not slightly, just recolors) For the Gym Leaders, do what you did in RoL sounds good. (Because some are custom made) As for the Rivals, since they don't have Face Pics, I think custom OW's sounds good. (Except for Claire, because she has a Erika Sprite, which only requires a few slight recolors.)

About your guiding tool, I think you should ask me or someone esle to edit
the Spelling Mistakes.
I see.
I'll be checking those sign posts later.

I will think about the individual OW for the rivals...

Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
The new sprite looks pretty good.
Good luck with the other 3 Elemental Masters!

Originally Posted by .:+~Şңдɗσш Ɍдʯǫʊдɀд~+:. View Post
I like that you can actually use Chaomega...I always wanted to play as him when I first Battled him...I thought he was the Coolest Fakemon you made...(Opinion...)The Backsprite of Gabrieleon looks realGood...Keep up the Good Work DJG...:D
Well, Chaomega was sprited by Crosell, one of the spriters of LoG.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Wow Gabrieleon's backsprite is totally awesome! And as well as Shadow I'm happy that you'll use Chaomega. I hope it'll have same 1HP attack as in RR :D
Nope! I'll be changing Chaomega's signature move, and I guarantee you, it'll not have a 1 HP attack.

Originally Posted by Nikephoros View Post
Too bad iDont have time to play this stunning peice.. However, if iDo find time, then
this'll be the first choice
iLike the new rival. Updates comming along nicely, good good.

Good luck, DJG.
Don't worry.
Life is more important, anyways.

Originally Posted by Ijoinedforthedownloads View Post
love the hack so far. you've done an amazing job on your plots, events, and fakemon (better than most hacks that just just re-map/re-text Fire Red and call it a day).

please, keep up this great work.
Thank you~

Originally Posted by Matt140 View Post
Woot! BETA 2!!
Thanks for the release, but I keep getting stuck on the "Day/Night Unpacking screen???"
Any ideas why this happens (I'm using VisualBoyAdvance)??
Well er...
press any buttons afterwards?
Or what ROM did you patched the patch?



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