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    okay, okay, okay I lied about the new thread! XD I'm still waiting on some sprites so that I can take decent screen shots verses just showing off maps and those few rehashed battle screens.

    Hopfully this will be the last update in this thread, however I am not going to say that for sure quite yet. As usual we are still working really hard on all sorts of undercover stuff such as the Pokédex and Character development, as well as story development. I'm not at liberty to disclose too much information, but I can and will tell you this much, the new story that will be unveiled is vastly different than the original Scarlet story, but keeps the main plot points (without all those horrible horrible cliches XD)

    Anyway, the update to post!

    The next city in Shiozu, Marshspring City

    (sorry for JPEG'd quality, but its a precaution that is becoming increasingly neccessary)

    This is home to the first gym leader, which I assure you breaks tradition by NOT being the rock type leader!


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