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    I like the mountain and water methods. The trees look nice and natural, but from a gameplay standard that method seems to be a negative factor to me. The trees look fine in rows and they don't mess with gameplay, they still add the proper atmosphere, but they don't get in the way, they line the path, etc. A random tree in a few places is fine, it adds a sense of nature. Having strange borders due to random tree placement, however, is definitely a negative to me, it makes the player have to think too much. I understand that probably doesn't sound right, but it's like this: when you're playing the game, you want the path to be rather apparent, the random placement draws the mind to all of the different spots, it looks aesthetically pleasing to an extent, but still isn't needed really. Ultimately, to me, the trees look nice, but they aren't really practical from a gameplay point of view. Nonetheless, I absolutely love the mountain method, mountains are still a time consuming yet beautiful feature of the game. The water features method is nice too. Sorry about the huge wall of criticism on the trees o.o I tend to get a little carried away once I start. ;
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