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    Originally Posted by wNtR Azazel View Post
    Maybe we'll actually see what those eyes really are... a Rattata of DOOM or maybe Giratina?
    If Rattata, it would be impossible!!
    Why? Rattata is a weak Pokemon and there's no way it can make your Pokemon
    dissapear. (Look at the LoG Guide Tool. It makes the story cartoon-like.)
    If Giratina, also impossible!
    Why? Giratina wouldn't be set to such a low level, as it is a Legendary.

    I doubt the "Eyes" are the Pokemon you mentioned above.
    It would be a special Pokemon. Maybe it is made by Team Earth or the DO?

    (Just like what Team Rocket did with Mew, and failed to copy it, and it became
    a whole new Pokemon - Mewtwo.)

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