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    Originally Posted by Argent Crusader View Post
    Hello people! You might remember me, or you might not. Anyways, Kike-Scott here, brand new name.
    I'm just taking a look at this section of the forums after a long break (I'm not working on anything before you guys ask).
    I came specially to check if there's any advance in DPPt hacking. And as I thought, there's almost nothing significative.
    This is really interesting, because the games are out since September 2007, almost two years, and what? Almost nothing.
    I'm not seeing a DPPt hack. And with hack I mean a complete overhaul of graphics, maps, plot and scripts.
    No one has done tools yet, it's not like I'm asking them, but I remember some users complaining about others that just wanted tools and didn't wanted to help develop them, don't wanted to understand the game deeply.
    I'm just here to post my concern and to see if everyone thinks that the Pokémon Rom-hacking will stick with Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald forever, or maybe there's a small chance to fully developed generation four hacks appear.
    There is a good chance we'll see fully developed 4th gen edits. But it will take a while to get there, especially since the number of people working towards getting the knowledge required is very small (due to a variety or reasons).

    Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
    As long as there is a demand for 4th generation hacking tools, people will continue researching. I say we just let them take their time with it
    Well, the thing is there is not much real "demand". But either way, personally, demand does not affect me in developing DPP editing. Having demand influence would be bad, IMO, it must be personal interest that motivates the researcher or programmer.

    Originally Posted by ~Teh Panda~ View Post
    Well PPRE is an advancing tool with a very dedicated author in "SCV". He is definitely working very hard on this ;P
    Nice that that is noticed. Just out of curiosity, why is my name in quotes?

    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    When those new Gold/Silver remakes are released I'll be dedicating most of my free time to hacking them. Until then...

    *Darthatron is AFK*
    What's the point of that? We expect to be very little changes, the scripting language will most likely be the same, the map system will be the same. So why not work on DPP in a way where as soon as HG/SS comes out you change a few file numbers, and it works for it as well? Also by that time the only thing left to do will probably be model editing and you'd be much better of getting a head start by looking into models in DPP (they'll be the same anyways).

    Of course, when you work on it it your choice
    Originally Posted by Argent Crusader View Post
    Oh, good! I didn't see this. Still, no hacks so far.
    Well part of it is that most people don't want an editor that requires them to understand hex. There was a bug in the first versions of the script editor that was not noticed until about a month ago, which made making bigger scripts impossible.

    But, still no one has managed to heavy edit maps, wich I think are the base to do a better game.
    Well, to me text, scripts and events are the base to a better game. If we did mapping first, that would be completely useless without those three. However, with those three you can create sinnoh based stories (and comming soon, Johto based stories) with the same maps but completely different plot.
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