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    Originally Posted by x_richard_tdh View Post
    While I'm sure this has already been mentioned, some of the Static Grunts go to a black screen when it tries to cut to the battle scene. Also, the Chikorita I got in Tohjo Falls won't evolve. Any suggestions on Chikorita?
    what level is the Chikorita?

    also, I have a problem, I had this on my PSP, I also had Shiny Gold. After playing this my Shiny Gold file was messed up. I would start in a place I had saved at a while ago (I was in some town, and ended up in the National Park Contest), but with my pokemon from this, and I couldn't move at all (all I could do was open the start menu).

    I tried removing this games save file, but then Shiny Gold said it's save file was gone (the file was still in correct location, but it wouldn't notice it).

    tl;dr Shiny Gold confused this games save file as it's own (even the names won't changed), and now it stopped reading it's own.