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    Originally Posted by Abercrombie View Post
    I bet you by the end of this sentence, I'll have 25 characters.

    ^ Oh my, would you look at that? That's 63 characters right there. If I can type 63 characters in one sentence, I'm quite positive anybody else can reach 25 characters. Thousands of members manage to do it regardless. So clearly it isn't as difficult as you're making it out to be, regardless of what's left to say.

    With that said, 25 characters is not hard to reach at all. Besides, if you don't have anything important to say, don't say it at all. A good thing to do is to use your brain when posting. Not just posting for the hell of it, just to up your post count or something.
    Clearly it depends on the topic. If the topic is "What do you think of [Pokemon]?", then I want to be able to say "He looks dumb." and leave it at that. Adding meanlingless drivel like "this is just my opinion" or "that's just me" is pointless, and I think it makes me look stupid.

    Also, if I was REALLY concerned about my post count, I would have more than 50 posts in 4 months.
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