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    Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu
    Ugh. I've hatched too many eggs for Croagunk. I'm taking a short break and soft resetting for a shiny Azelf on my once lucky Diamond version.

    Infinite, would you like to race for shiny Zapdos? I'm SRing for it on both FR and LG. Knowing my luck, you'll probably get it before me anyway.

    And some of those rumors about HG/SS sound too good to be true...obtainable Mew AND Celebi in the same game? Too much for me to handle.
    Take it easy, you'll hatch at least one soon, maybe two, just be positive that you will get it. Good luck with zapdos and azelf; and about HG/SS It's going to be very ineresting and fun if those rumors are true, just think about it, for most of us it would be a dream come true.

    Originally Posted by Inkpuddle
    I hit 350 Eevee eggs yesterday, and still nothing. I took a break today since I went out to the arcade with my friends, but I'll be resuming the hunt tomorrow. It's funny, after so many eggs I still get that moment of excitement when each egg hatches, and I know when I get my prize I'll love it even more for having worked so hard for it. <3
    Keep going, never give up. It's always exciting when you get a shiny that's difficult to find.

    Originally Posted by MetalMario
    So, FINALLY, after too long, I've gotten a Beldum swarm! Now that there's a Platinum Move Tutor for Thunderpunch, I don't really need to get one on GenIII, so I'll give this swarm my best!

    Right now, I'm on a 2-chain. I'm not going to follow any of the chaining rules except for entering 4-zone patches, when they're not on the edge, and have the correct shake. (The other rules don't seem to be having any effect, and it's too hard to read the arrangements in the Sandstorm.) When this chain breaks, I'll go get a Probopass to faint and put in the lead.

    I'm not using my regular hunter Breloom. Instead, I'm going to put together a Pain Split/Hypnosis Spiritomb to negate recoil damage. This could take a while. Thankfully, with two DSes, the swarm isn't going anywhere.
    I know what you mean, it's a good thing that the programers put move tutors in platinum, it gives the posibilities for a wide variety of strategies. Good luck with your hunt.

    Well I think that's all for now, see you later and Good luck everyone
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