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    Chr. Draco, I don't know what else to say, other than "Thank you. Thank you so much."



    Originally Posted by A post by me at SPPf


    After almost a complete year of fruitless egg hatching, mindless chaining, and nights lost over soft resetting, I have obtained my newest shiny!

    So here's what happened. I went to PokeCommunity to see how the Shiny Hunters Club was doing, and I noticed that another user was soft resetting for a shiny Zapdos. I thought, "Might as well suggest a race, at least it'll give me some motivation." Right as I was about to log off, I noticed my Shiny Hunters Club Card. Admiring my shinies, I noticed that ever since I got shiny Bulbasuar on FR, I alternated between those two games for my soft resetted shinies (Bulbasaur on FR, then Squirtle on LG, Lapras on FR, then Moltres on LG). I then noticed that there was some chained shinies in between the SR'd shinies. Coincidence? Yeah, but at this point, I was desperate.

    Being the superstitious hunter that I am, I decided to try and chain for Meditite on my Diamond version on Route 211 (or whatever route is to the east of Eterna) while I soft reset for Zapdos on FR. I battled a few Pokemon to kill my Synching shiny Abra, and right as I go to my bag to apply the Max Repel and begin my chain, what scrolls across the screen of my GBA SP?

    A beautfiul, sun-tanned Zapdos!

    The battle was fairly simple; with my shiny Scizor leading, I used Swords Dance, then proceeded to False Swipe. The move got its HP down to the very low red, and from there, I was too scared to do much else, so I switched to my shiny Lapras. It paralyzed Lapras on the switch in with Thunder Wave. I use Sing, get it to fall asleep, and through a plethora of balls at it, none of which worked. Oddly, the closest I got to catching it was with a Luxury Ball when it was awake!

    Unfortunately, Pressure and Detect abuse took its toll on Lapras' Sing, so I switched to Snorlax for Yawn. Again, I went through the same throwing random PokeBalls at the golden-thunderbird. *Sigh* Such beauty...eventually, I mustered up the courage to switch back to Scizor and False Swipe it down to 1 HP. Switched back to Snorlax to put it back to sleep. Threw a Timer Ball; no good. Threw an Ultra.






    :) :) :)

    Totally totally totally unexpected! And I was getting ready to go to bed, too! I did maybe thirty soft resets...ah, such a felicitous happening that was! Shiny hunting really is great. :)

    I didn't take any pictures simply because I didn't want to disturb everybody in my house that is sleeping, and because of the fact that I wouldn't have uploaded them right away. But here are stats, possible IVs, etc.

    Zapdos Lv. 50 - Hasty
    HP :: 165 (30-31)
    Attack :: 109 (28-29)
    Defense :: 93 (28-29)
    SAtk: 138 (16-17)
    SDef :: 96 (2-3)
    Speed :: 117 (4-5)

    I had a feeling that Speed would be a little low, but I honestly could care less. :D Mixed shiny Zapdos, here I come!

    Edit: Next up...Articuno!!!

    Edit: Oh, yeah, good luck EVERYONE!

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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