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    I have some ideas for your hack that will take her into a new level
    those are my ideas:
    1. side quests:how this will work?,every city and town in the game(maybe more places)will have have a side quest that you don't need to do,it's start the quest you must talk with a person in the city/town,then the side quest will start,there will be simple quests like:a man requests that you will show him a kind of pokemon and then you will get a prize and a 1 quest point,and as the game contnues and your pokemons are getting stronger,the side quest would be more harder like:ruining a drug deal(I know that pokemons and drugs thogether are wierd),rescue an old lady from a thief.and it will be herder:gang wars,evil people trying to steal legendry pokemons in order to control the world,catching bounty hunters,gangsters and lots of things(I can help you with this if you want)
    as more and more side quests you do,you will get more side quests,ones you get all of the side quest points=complete all of side quests,there will be a spiecal event,maybe an ultimate pokemon like arcues,or a spical mysteruis man that will give you 5 masterballs if you beat or something like this...

    2.GANG WAREZ minigame:in a special side quest,you need to destroy a gang war betwen 2 evil gangs(magma & aqua)but instead of destroying it you will get to join 1 of the gangs you can choose magma-get a lvl 20 numel,access to the magma HQ(new place where you can do speacial missions,to access it,you need to show the guard a magma member card-a special item),magma member card(the speacial item used in order to enter the HQ) and full heal.

    team aqua-get a lvl 20 corphish,access to the aqua HQ(new place where you can do special missions,to access it,you need to show the guard a aqua member card-a special item),aqua member card(the special item used in order to enter the HQ) and full heal.

    the special missions I talked about-to access them talk with the magma\aqua transporter,he will show you some areas you need to conquer for your own gang,what is this?-you need to select the area first,then you will fly on a jet to this area,then you will see aqua and magma grunts there,fight against the members of the other gang,after you beat them sll the gang will dissaper and you will see on the place only members of your gang!,you will be able to explore the new areas,which indclude new trainers,wild pokemons,marts everything you wish-the area is yours!
    there will be 10 or more diffrenet places to conquer after you conquering them all you will become a aqua\magma speacial commander=you are almost like maxie\archie. optional:I don't know if you can do this,but sometimes you'll recieve a calls from your gang freinds that says that the rival gang tries to take the area back,fly there and fight against them to keep the area yours!
    the speical areas will be in hoenn!!!!!!!

    I wish I had an hacking tallent like you have,and I could use those ideas on my hack,but I guess it won't happen -____-

    hope you like my ideas....