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    My Hack I have started is called Pokemon Garnet. Why Garnet? Well most Pokemon Games derive from stones, so why can't mine? Plus the fact that garnet is black and red, evil colours, such as the main character, Silver.

    Yes the game is about the trainer/thief Silver from the Pokemon games Gold/Silver and Crystal. It mainly follows the Pokemon Special Manga, but has some ties to the Anime and the games. It tells the story of Silver's adventure, running from Gold, stealing Pokemon and Badges etc. The game will have, original tiles, original sprites, and more! Now back to business.

    Silver. Giovanni's son, though,he doesn't know it. Silver wakes up and leaves his room, only to see that his dad is in yet another Gym Battle. After his dad tells him to go back into his room, he notices a mysterious man there. The man forcefully grabs Silver and takes him away, luckily, Silver grabs his Sneasal before he gets abducted. Awoken in a cell by his cellmate, Blue, Silver wonders where he is. The peak of Mahogony Town, in a large training facility, Blue tells him. Blue and Silver grow a strong relationship and decide that it's time they got out of the facility. Blue gives Silver a pair of running shoes and they both book it out of the facility, 9 years they have been held captive, they finaly escape. Blue tells Silver that they'll meet again soon, and then runs away to Kanto, while Silver stays in Johto. Seeking revenge, Silver walks down a mountain and meets a man named Lance. Lance tells Silver that he will give Silver instructions on how to get his revenge, as long as he undergoes every mission he is given. Silver agrees and goes on his journey. His first mission, steal a Totodile from Prof. Elm.

    I need graphic editors. I hate UNLZ and APE. Confusing as crap to me. So I would REALLY like somebody you could do the following things with ease:

    1) Change and take full advantage of the title screen.
    2) Be able to insert/index sprites and insert them into UNLZ, such as badges, big intro sprites and Pokemon.
    3) Edit the palettes for 2).
    4) Change some UNLZ stuff such as health bars, badges, etc.
    5) A good mapper
    6) An advanced Scripter
    7) Spriter

    And I think that's it


    How you'll be able to help:
    Proof of Work:
    Contact Information:

    Team So Far:
    Xatoku: Leader, Story Writer, Mapper, Some UNLZ stuff Inserter, Banner Maker

    SleepWalker: Mapping
    Samike360: Advanced Scripter
    Diegoisawesome: Graphical Insertion,Advance Scripter

    Thanks :D