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Originally Posted by Rubber Ducky View Post
Clearly it depends on the topic. If the topic is "What do you think of [Pokemon]?", then I want to be able to say "He looks dumb." and leave it at that. Adding meanlingless drivel like "this is just my opinion" or "that's just me" is pointless, and I think it makes me look stupid.

Also, if I was REALLY concerned about my post count, I would have more than 50 posts in 4 months.
What a poor excuse...

Clearly it does not depend on the topic. The only topics that are dependable on this are topics located in Other Trivia, and even those refrain from allowing members post any less than 25 characters. And honestly, if you're having a difficult time reaching 25 characters, you aren't putting enough thought in the post. You can't just say what you want to say without any reasoning behind it and the example of a topic you provided is what you're trying to talk about, your response saying that "He looks dumb." isn't even worth to reply. First of all, who looks dumb? Why does he look dumb?

You think saying "this is just my opinion" or "that's just me" is makes you look stupid, but posting without reasoning doesn't? I don't know what forum you came from in regards to that, but stating your opinion on a question and not having anything to back that opinion up would make a lot of the older, more mature members, look down on you. Whether or not you're concerned about that isn't my interest, but if you don't want to look dumb, refrain from just stating your opinion.

I think I would know a lot about this seeing as how I am a moderator of an opinion-based forum. I don't really allow people to just state their opinion on something without an explanation unless it's a discussion thread or a chat thread of some form or another and members who frequent Other Entertainment can tell you that.

A while ago, I posted a thread about acceptability in posts at Other Entertainment that can apply to just about any forum where opinions are generated in some form or another, which is all of them.

Originally Posted by Abercrombie View Post
Just follow the following checklist [...].

  1. Does my post relate to the topic at hand?
  2. Does my post state a general opinion of said topic?
  3. Do I provide reasoning for my opinion?
  4. Overall, does this post reflect my intelligence in a positive manner?

I assure you, if you follow that simple list of questions and answer them honestly, your time at Other Entertainment and every other opinion-based forum would go by smoothly. A simple example of this would be the following post on the topic of "My favorite clothing store". The post is short, simple and to the point, which is all you really need to state in opinion-based threads. (Discussion threads are a different story, since Other Entertainment has those types of threads as well)

(1) My favorite clothing store (2) is Hollister Co. (3) I find their clothes comfortable and reasonably priced for a name brand clothing company. Along with their clothes, they offer fragrances that really freshen up someone.

  1. "My favorite clothing store" provides insight of the topic at hand.
  2. "is Hollister Co." states your opinion on said topic.
  3. "I find their clothes comfortable and reasonably priced for a name brand clothing company. Along with their clothes, they offer fragrances that really freshen up someone." provides reasoning of your opinion.
  4. When all is said and done, you provide yourself a chance to ask yourself if this post reflects your intelligence in a positive manner.

With that being said, you can still reach 25 characters, state your opinion, and do it in a way not mentioning the fact that it's your opinion or it's how you feel about whatever the discussion about.

Honestly? Why make excuses for yourself.. I mean, seriously. There's really no reason why you should feel that 25 characters is such a difficult limit to reach.
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