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Do I win a trophy? Or at least a Pizza Trophy?

Seriously kids, don't venture into the desert. It takes a piece of you with it--you'll never come back the same!

My first chain broke at 35 on a patch I didn't see shake. Then the next one broke at 39 in a safe patch. The next up broke at 40 on a patch I didn't see shake while resetting for shinies. Then it broke in the 30s again. Finally it went to 40 and I caught some shinies from it. But those @#$! things keep breaking out of my Repeat Balls! I've caught two of them in Repeat Balls, and one in a Master Ball (I really don't like throwing those...), but so far, three! have succeeded in killing themselves. Spiritomb's Pressure, which I never knew it had until it was too late, isn't helping any.

Chaining in the sandstorm is much easier in the day, since there's better contrast in the day, so I'll continue harvesting the chain tomorrow.

And my boxes on Emerald are overflowing with Chikoritas. I'm going to need to check IVs and release them again. I might have passed 4000 by now; I'll go see.

SD: Why another shiny Giratina? Was your first one not good enough? I tend to be happy with just one shiny per SR candidate, unless they're really terrible. (I might consider going after another Rotom for this reason.)

Which reminds me of my Shiny Cover Legendary project. I've made it my plan to capture all the cover legendaries (plus Mewtwo, minus Suicune, though a shiny Suicune certainly would be nice, too!), and so far I've only caught two out of the nine possible. Kyogre's the next on my list. I've got some time to get the Hoenns, Giratina, and Mewtwo, before HGSS are out and I can go after Ho-oh and Lugia.

Good Luck on hunts, all, and good job finally getting Zapdos, Fufu!
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