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Game Summary
This will be a MMORPG base on the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon franchise. All artwork will be from the DS versions of the game. The game mechanics will work similarly to the original games; players will start with a personality quiz which will help decide which Pokemon they are. Once that has been settled each player will begin to form a team with other players online. These team will grow and change over time. Your team will work together to complete missions, find object, and help other groups. The world will be based on the different places presented in the original games, but will be constantly expanding.

Project Description
The game will be coded in Java. I picked Java because it is easy to learn, and works in web browsers, as well as on almost any computer. This will help future proof the game, and make it compatible with anyone's computer who wishes to play.

Project Lead
prnoct90 (Paul Newell)

About Me
I have been doing graphic design for almost 4 years, and have worked with Java a little. I plan to constantly study Java as the project progresses. I know very little about hacking games to get audio and graphics out. So we will need people fully experienced in this.

Team Members

Open Positions
3 Java Programmers - Intermediate to Advanced knowledge of Java
3 Graphic Designers - Intermediate to Advanced work with graphics and/or sprites
2 Hackers - Extract audio and images (sprite/maps) from the DS games
1 Web Developer - Help with website development
3 Testers - Initial testers who can play with the stuff we make and find bugs

Development Progress
Initial Planning Stages

prnoct90 (at) gmail (dot) com

Currently Working On
Recruiting member, finalizing a name, creating a logo, and creating a website