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Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
Tweaking Glitch? What is that?

I want to soft reset for a shiny Darkrai...
the tweaking glitch is a glitch that occurs by spaztically cycling very fast without hitting anything and then a black hole apears wich is called the dark void so you can practically walk through every place in the whole game cause your in a "fake sinnoh", like showed of here : just look to as much vid's till you understand, but i have to warn you, make sure you do everything like told in the vids, cause one wrong thing can be fatal to your game save, and you save file may be stuck in eternal darkness forever, i once had that, so or bring all your beloved and rare pokemon's to a safe game file first, or make sure you do everything in the correct way

good luck, and congratz to everyone and good luck to everyone
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