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Originally Posted by Knyaz Vladimir View Post
My Arceus is hacked, definetly. My Regis are hacked as well, but everything else is basically real or should be. Some Midori Metagross is also traded, but I think it's also hacked, due to being a shiny from an egg. Also, my Munchlax are mainly hacked.

Also, I just found out that I do not have a shiny Empoleon. I don't have any shiny starters, except for some Charizard. (All are hacked) I've also found hacked Celebi on my ranch.

I have most legits, but some are hacks. I'm still looking for more shinies to add to my shinydex, which lists all hacked and non-hacked pokemon. I was able to give my friend some real hacked pokemon, got an Arceus back from him, lv. 20, too tough to train, he said. With the stats that it had, it's impossible.

Still, about 70% of my shinies are from hacks (including shiny hack), but some are real. Now, where can I find a Mewtwo?
Cresselia's extremely hard to hunt for as shiny. You're sure it's real? Anyway, welcome to the club. We don't condone hacking here, so I hope you'll have the motivation to hunt 'em shinies through patience and hard work.

I'm willing to tweak on my Diamond version, but I'm going to hold out on the off-chance that they'll do another TRU Canada / Wi-fi giveaway for Flower Paradise Shaymin, and I won't have to worry about any "glitch clause" BS dictating where I can/can't use the Shaymin.

Currently halfway through EVing shiny Beldum. I'm also picking up interest in hunting Kyogre some more, and have done 1265 SRs total.
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