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    Oh, jeez. I start getting people RIGHT after I post up another Roleplay? XD

    But yeah, I already made another RP that's going to ultimately replace this one. However, the thread has not yet been validated by the Moderators. So, to be sure, I'm gunna explain the other RP and see if people will be interested in joining - if not, then people can just join this one.

    The other RP is called Terra. Terra is based off of Earth Heart, somewhat. Though both stories are virtually the same (in my perspective at least), having the exact same antagonist, same set of villains just with different names and similar plot twists. Terra does have a more darker atmosphere then Earth Heart, whereas Earth Heart is more simplistic and comical, with majority of the villains just going through redemption when defeated. Terra has more technological aspects, while Earth Heart focuses on more magical themes.

    Terra also has a selection of Starter Pokemon, all with their unique individual characteristics, abilities and background (i.e, a Chikorita being able to use witchcraft and sorcery). The current list is pretty short, with only five available Starters - one of them is being RPed by me, making interaction with that starter slightly awkward.

    Anyway, to reply back to some people here..

    @Emerald: In Earth Heart, no and yes. The story doesn't exactly have the actual Eight Melodies like in Mother, but the fact that the characters have to find eight Jirachi (Spirit Stars), it's kinda the same if the characters were trying to find the Eight Melodies. Besides, it'd be kinda hard to translate the Eight Melodies so they could fit into a literal story. In Terra, there are "Four" Melodies, though these function in a different way.

    @Kitsune: Though the Alians wouldn't actually conduct experiments like that, I don't see it being a bad idea for this RP. But I was going to have a shapeshifter character myself. ;p