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    Haven't been here in a while (cause of the lags this place is having)...

    Originally Posted by Yami_Zidane View Post
    Yo, long time no type.

    Well without going into too much detail things have been a bit colourful since the last time i posted. Things happened, including my DS getting robbed with my Diamond version inside it, so thats all my hard work from the past two generations gone. :\

    Havent gotten around to getting a new DS/Game but I will eventually, but I'm glad to see the club is still up and running and MM is here at least.

    To be honest my interest in Pokémon has pretty much gone at the moment, but I'm sure it will come back eventually and I'll be back then, I'll still check in every now and again though.

    Would still be interested in any news you have!
    Good luck with your hunts guys.
    Yo, it's been a while, Yami_Zidane, good to hear from you. :D Sorry about your DS/Diamond getting stolen, I hope that one day you can get back some if not all of your shinies back. ^_^

    To all that have gotten new shinies, congratulations (especially on the Legendary Bird & Dialga). ;D

    Nothing for me so far, decided to "Foreign Method" my original Diamond game, so lets see what happens. I'm at about 100 FM Eggs so far. ^_^
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