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Sorry guys.
I haven't really been around the past few days as my exams have been taking over my life! ><
I have had my DS on me to keep me from going insane and SR for that Palkia, and it finally came! :D:D:D


The Gods favor me! XD
I don't know about you, but this game has been really lucky for me.
Maybe it is because I am going to kill someone if I don't have something else to take my mind off things from these University exams.
5 hours pure writing today. Was not fun!

Note: It is weird how both of my legendaries are Quirky O_o

Anyway, there is more.
Yesterday, I was taking some time out for the exam today, because it was really stressing me out, so I checked out my swarm, which was Lavitar. Well, I had to go for this one!

It took over my revision a little XD
3 hours of chaining. I broke the chain at 30 twice! GAH!
But it paid off! :D

WEEEEEE - Lavitar
WEEEEEE... again... - Lavitar

Yep! :D

Good luck to everyone and you will get there in the end :D

NOTE: The reason for them both being in the same day is Palkia was early morning and Lavitar was late at night! Just got it before the swarm changed >
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