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Originally Posted by Pokémon Nerd View Post
Erm, yeah i know this Question is kinda dumb but yeah... im new to rom hacking

How do i change the storylines in game? Is there any specific tool or something?

/ Pokémon Nerd
Storyline can refer to any number of things. To me, it encompasses the whole game, including maps, events (scripts), trainers, among other things. There are tools to edit parts of the game, but as I said, all parts come together to form the storyline.

These tools can be used in their respective areas:

Maps/Other things: AdvanceMap, EliteMap
Scripting: XSE, PKSV, PokeScript
Trainers' Pokemon: PET, Advance-Trainer
Text: Advance-Text, various hex editors
and many others...

Read some of the tutorials in the Documents and Tutorials section. These should help you understand more about ROM hacking.