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I have a question regarding XSE and Advance Map.
I'm having trouble getting the scripts too... well work lol and was hoping if I could get some help.

Here's a sample script that I did (offest found with FSF, Using XSE and Advance Map to open the script.)


#dynamic 0x1E5A2F
#org @main
message @speak
boxset 0x6

#org @speak
= This is a message!

Now I'm pretty sure I didn't have a scripting error, but the problem is after I finish writing the script. I complie the script to the ROM and when I close XSE it asks "do you want to save the file" (or something like that). I hit yes and it saves the script as a .rbc file. Now when I play my ROM and go up to the person that the scipt is assigned to, i hear a click noise, and nothing happens. When I go back to Advance Map to see what the problem is, I open up the script again. Low and Behold none of my script is in the offset. This happens everytime I try to edit/create a script.

How can I fix this or what am I doing n00bishly wrong?
(BTW I'm using a Ruby ROM)

Thanks in advance!