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    Okay, my question has something to do with an already existing (but seemingly gone) tool and also involves coding. Because of the rules this site has set-up, I couldn't think of a better place to ask (unless I idiotically overlooked a Coding Forum).

    Anyway, my question is about the LTMEP (Learnable TM Editor Pro) tool. I don't know who made it (there's not "I mad this" ttext files included) and the original topic seems to be missing from the Toolbox forum entirely.

    Now to business. The tool seems to read some coding from a pair of external text files called "BPRE" and BPGE" which I'm pretty sure are the ID codes for Fire Red and Leaf Green. These text files contain small coding that help the tool identify things within the ROM. However, there's no files for Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. The tool doesn't load the ROM without these files so the tool doesn't work on R/S/E. However, I figured since the coding is so short, maybe someone around her might recognize it an possibly provide the proper coding for at least Emerald version. Here are the coding I found.



    I figure with this info, maybe someone can backtrack to where the coding is found within the game and provide the equivilant coding for R/S/E (Primarily Emerald). I would greatly appreciate any and all help with this problem or if I'm posting in the wrong place (which I strangely get the feeling I am), then direct me to a place where I'd be more likely to recieve help.