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    1. How the change the order of the pokedex in fire red?
    2. Can you expand the free space of a rom?
    3. How to change the color of the back sprite?
    A. When I inserted the indexed back sprite of Turtwig indexed by other person, in UnLz-gba, I did these steps on DJG's tutorial:

    "Type the offset on the 'Image Offset' box. Don't remove those two zeros.
    Click on the OK button and you're done. If a pop-up window appears and states 'Ptr found at . Changed.'.., then it means that you have successfully inserted a new sprite, or rather replaced an old sprite for a new one! Horay!
    You can do the same for it's palettes, of if you're too lazy to run a search for free offsets, you can use APE or just check the 'Export Palette', but remember to uncheck the 'Automatically Fix Pointers'."
    but I didn't check 'Export Palette' and didn't uncheck 'Automatically Fix Pointers' and the color is the real color.

    B. When I inserted the indexed back sprite of Giratina Origin Form indexed by myself, in UnLz-gba, I did the same step b
    ut I also didn't check 'Export Pallete' and didn't also uncheck 'Automatically Fix Pointers' but the color is different.
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