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Originally Posted by Vednix View Post
ok, questions. I'm hoping these will be answered.

1. IS there another tool to hack pokemon images other than pokepic for fire red? becuase pokepic always seems to corrupt my rom.
2. Does anyone have any idea how to make a pokemon follow you? i can make the overworld sprites but dont have a clue about scripting them.
3. UnLZ seems to come up wierd on my computer, anyone know why?
1. Unlz
2. Only one person knows, but he's banned
3. Sorry, it's buggy, that'd probably be the reason.
I'm looking for some good (When I say good,
I mean you can hold your own by yourself)
N**i Zombies players, to form a team or even a
clan, to play with casually.
Send me a PM with your Highest Level and your PSN,
and I'll get back to you.