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    I'm going to throw in some Pokemon now. Originally, this was going to happen pretty late in the story but RPing with just one character will eventually get tiresome.. Plus, it seems rather odd that Spark's the only one who doesn't have any Pokemon, which doesn't help for the fact that he's a wannabe super-hero. (He does indeed own a few Pokemon of his own, none which will appear in this RP.)


    Nickname: Hideki Lee
    Species: Hitmonlee
    Age: ??
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Double-Edge, Hi-Jump Kick/Jump Kick, Foresight, Blaze Kick

    Appearance: He wears a red bandana that flies around much like a scarf - it's his keepsake, a memento from his former master Tadashi. He's also notably taller then an average Hitmonlee, as well as being a bit slender. He also has a nasty looking scar on his right eye.

    Personality: A humble, gentle yet fierce wanderer. His most notable trait is that Hideki is in fact remarkably intelligent and adaptable for a Pokemon, being able to communicate in human speech fluently (though he tends to be somewhat quiet in most conversations) and possesses excessive thinking capabilities to the same extend as a human - if not, maybe even greater. Which is why Hideki is very independant and often acts alone. But he is considerate about others as well as their own concerns and doesn't mind being accompanied. He may seem cold-hearted at first glance, but he is infact loyal to his comrades and friends and is respectful towards his enemies. Occasionally, or perhaps frequently, Hideki does tend to act a bit reckless and naive in dangerous situations which often gets himself badly injured for the most part (his scar's the result of his reckless behavior). Hideki is a bit of a bookworm, surprisingly, as he often enjoys reading alot of literature works. He also has an "odd" sense of humor.

    Background: Trained and taught by Tadashi, a famous martial artist who succumbed to fatal illness. After his master's death, Hideki went off and wandered across lands, tirelessly training in order to become stronger.. Over the years of weary (and somewhat pointless) travelling, Hideki has went through alot. Prior to his training with Tadashi, not much is known about Hideki's "true" origins. [Note: Hideki is not owned by any character.]

    Abilities: Having been taught several martial arts, he is very resourceful in close combat. Combining both strength and intelligence, as well as his natural instincts, Hideki can act and think independantly, making him a very dangerous opponent in combat. Aside from his physical traits, Hideki is also known to be a talented cook (Odd, as Hideki is NEVER seen eating). Hideki can also utilize man-made tools, like chop sticks and can even properly wield weapons such as swords, if given the opportunity. Hideki can also endure alot of physical damage to an extreme amount. He still has his limits, however.

    I'm also going to put in two more Pokemon later in the RP. Yeah.. I'm a little tired and can't bother making SUs for them. I'll update the spoiler later on.

    Is Dream still considering to continue the RP? Though I'll admit that this RP was somewhat awkward for my taste, it seems like it'll turn out to be a very fun RP. Hence why I made such an epic revival. XD