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If you don't mind, I'd like a few details from some of you so I can place descriptions with peoples posts. Also to get an idea of what hoppies a lot of you have.


A/S/L: 17/M/LA (Louisiana - USA)

I have dark blonde hair & blues eyes. I'm 5 ft 10 inches. I like pc/console games, guns, cars, & girls. I enjoy most types of music except country (mostly rock). I have a dog named Dusty & two pet birds named Leroy & Moe.

My dog is a mix between a Shelty & a Retreiver. I'd tell you what kinda birds I have, but it censors the 1st part of the name of the species when I type it.

Type of Birds ---> ****ateils

Friend Safari is Normal Type 5455-9491-0290
Aipmon, Audino, Smeargle