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Originally Posted by Champion Steven
You can request trainer cards here:

Background color: Choose for you self I'll make it!
ID number: [maximum 6 digits]
Name:[one word]
Trainer Sprite:[1 or 2]
Description: [maximum 2 words]
Adopted pkmn:[1 or 2]
Favorite Pkmn type: [1,2 or 4 types]
Other Pkmn: [maximum 6 and two items or 8 pokemon!]
Background Color: Black or Dark Blue
ID: 131313
Name: Nova
Trainer: The girl trainer from FR/LG(with blonde hair instead of brown if possible)
Description: Dragon Tamer
Adopted Pokemon: Shiny Jirachi and Shiny Latias
Favorate type: Psychic
Other Pokemon: Shiny Blaziken, Shiny Mew, Shiny Celibi, Milotic, Shiny Mightyena, Wartortle, Shiny Dragonair, Shiny Latios

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