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    I agree. I haven seen how inactive this can get. I spent quite a a while at this site before I actually signed up. Most people don't bother to touch this section :<. There are a lot of great ideas that go unnoticed because not many people come here, whilst at the Pokemon side the majority of them are filled in a few days- the really good ones in a day or two. The ORP role plays take a while to fill, and when they do, they do not last very long. Lots of creators get flustered and angry because they took the time to make a role play that wasn't pokemon, but see it shot down because of the low activity. It will really help out the role play masters so that they didn't write the plot and ect for nothing. It would help other role players as well, as many of the PRP one's get filled fast. There would be more role plays and thus more to choose from and thus more people getting to participate.

    The PRP gets more action. Why? Well, because more people frequent the Pokemon section. They should be merged so some of the more missed RPs get noticed. However, I believe, that some people will become frustrated as they will want a PRP and click on an ORP, and vice-versa. I think that the problem get be solved by the use of the of the prefix system. Like in the emulation section how it allows you to select what rom type, this should allow you to select what role play type it is so that every knows. So, if they strayed away from ORP because they only pokemon, they wouldn't have to waste their time in the thread, trying to figure out whether it is ORP or PRP.

    I think it would be good idea, just iron out a few wrinkles such as the prefix thing. I couldn't really, at the moment, see that many problems arise from doing such an action. In fact, I think that if more problems were to arise there would be a solution. But, really other than what I pointed out, I don't see any other problems coming. It might be a bit confusing at times for some people, but I think that it could be done. This would really improve role play activity and would stop a lot of dead threads and what not. However, this would probably cause a more close moderation of threads being accepted, and all OOC threads would have to be moderated or none of them will be moderated. I personally think that it should be none of them, but I am sure that there are reasons that the PRP doesn't have the privelege of the ORP, which would cause for the need of moderation.

    That is my seventy-three cents.