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Well, I finally released that I should share some of the things I know about Rom Hacking. One person already knew about me making a tut, this person was Cierra. Yeah, do you remember us talking about it? So let me get on with my teachings!

Completed Tutorials
  • Indexing and inserting Sprites - Note: Images are now here!
Soon to come Tutorials
  • I don't know, any ideas? I cba to do a scripting one so don't ask

Indexing And Inserting Sprites:

Well, I have seen that many people have problems inserting new Pokémon into their hacks. Well, I am somewhat of an expert on this subject. I insert Pokémon for myself and many hacks such as Torzach and Granite. I have also had many requests from other members to insert Pokémon into their rom hacks, unfortunately due to me being busy I have to decline their requests. So, I am hoping this tutorial will help people. So, shall we get on with it?


Well obviously you will need some tools, here they are:
  • Irfanview - If you don't have it, Google it!
  • Hacked Unlz.Gba - Find it in Hackmew's Tool Factory
  • MS Paint - Comes with any Microsoft computer.
  • Your Sprite - Isn't it obvious?
  • Any Free space finder - I will be using FSF. Hackmew's factory again.
Step One:

1. Open up your sprite in MS Paint. Make sure you resize it to 64x64.
2. Colour the background a colour that is not used by your sprite. So, for Piplup I suggest using a lime green colour. Maybe RBG = 112, 192, 160. That is what I use on most of my sprites.

Step Two:

1. Okay, now you open your saved sprite in Irfanview
2. Select the images tab then scroll down to decrease colour depth. Now, you click 16 colour bit and then okay.
3. Now, scroll up to images again and this time go down to palletes. Click edit palletes.
4. Now a new window showing the 16 colours of the sprite will show up. Swap the background colour and the left most colour round.
5. Now, save your sprite. But as a different name to the original. But, don't delete the original yet.

Step Three:

1. Now open two windows of MS Paint. One containing the original MS Paint sprite, and the other the edited Irfanview sprite.
2. Go to the original sprite and press either Crtl + A or select all, then copy the sprite. Then go to the Irfanview sprite and paste it over the top.
3. Now, save the sprite as whatever you want.
4. If you have correctly followed these steps you have indexed a sprite!

Step Four:

1. Open Hacked Unlz.Gba and find the Pokémon you want to replace.
2. Now you have the correct Pokémon you want to replace, click import. Now select the Pokémon that you indexed before.
3. Now select write to Rom, and a little window will appear. Now tick the three boxes Export Image, Automatically fix pointers and auto abort if to big. Then select okay. Now, do exactly the same but un-tick Export image and select export pallete.
4. Now, if you have done everything right, then you have now inserted a new Pokémon into your Rom.
5. Open your Rom and try it out

Author's Note:

Well, if you have any problems with this tutorial then feel free to PM or VM me. Maybe even post here xD. I really hope this helps you with all your hacks
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