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    Yay! A new chapter!

    It reminded him of the dreadful day just a month ago, when he had rushed to Indigo’s Main Pokecenter, with Sabrina lying in his arms, already unconscious and just seconds away from death....when he had burst into the building and Nurse Joy had taken his dear from him, injecting that weird antidote into her almost brutally, but since every second had counted back then, it had been necessary.
    Yeah... I think that was a run on...

    This chapter was mostly fluff, and I love fluff! Therefore, by transitive property, I loved the chapter!

    And Cynthia's a psychic!?!? Did we know this before? Have I just been an unobservant reader? Ahh... the
    Well, Cynthia was there, just not in a physical way.
    suddenly makes sense. Makes everything a step more complicated. She's a pretty complicated character to begin with...

    Anyway, great chapter! Can't wait for the next!
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