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Originally Posted by HFI View Post
This is a good tutorial goodies its just that.....
Screenshots make everything easier and makes more people want to post in your thread

Screenshots + :D

No Screenshots = D:

Anyways its a nice tutorial just add some screenies
Yeah, thanks and screens are on their way

Originally Posted by Atlus View Post
Wonderful tutorial. I'll be sure to use it ;D

Also, Goodies told me he's going to upload screenshots for this tomorrow, so expect those then.

Btw, you should do a CSS tutorial next!
Yup I did, but it was almost three in the morning when I made this so I couldn't be bothered to make screens then xD. If you really want me to

Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
Aha, aha, who taught you that?
Aha, aha, I did!
Don't need any credits though...
Nice tutorial, pretty useful!
I actually has credits to you in Shining Yellow . Yeah, you briefly explained to me and then I started doing it really well xD

Originally Posted by Nikeiphoros View Post
I'm going to practice now, then hopefully, later, I can insert them myself. (I get help from watermelon)
Thanks, sorry I couldn't help you. I am a bit busy I have been loaded with doing some fakemon for Shian before Beta 1 xD
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