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    Thanks for this. This will come in handy.
    I'll try this out real soon. It took me a minute to realize what this did but then it hit me. thanks for making this tool.
    Thank you for the thanks. I decided to make it for a couple reasons really. 1) I couldn't find a tool that already did it. 2) It would be interesting to program. and 3) Egg move editing is an area that probably gets ignored by many people when making hacks due to it's elusive documentation (Seriously, the only source information I could find on them was from Teh Baro's post in the YAPE thread. Information like that should really be stored in the documents and tutorials section imho.) and lack of existing tools, though they would be especially important in a hack that uses fakemon. Making a tool to make editing the moves easier will encourage people to be more creative in the area.

    I'm willing to make tools that edit other almost obscure things as well. The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is the Vs. Seeker Text. Sure, it's easy to edit with a hex editor, but repointing is never fun done manually. I'm surprised that A-Text doesn't edit it. Any other suggestions of areas that don't have tools yet?

    Btw, I've found an error in the current version, I'll make an update fixing it tomorrow. Also, I'm planning/beginning to code the next version right now. It'll support French generation III roms and also have the option of the interface's text being in French. It'll also check to see if there's any duplicate entries in the egg move list, then alert the user so they can use those slots more wisely. Also, I'll try to see if it's possible to repoint the whole list. If it is, then one's list can be pretty much as long as they want. Of course, the program would repoint the list for you then.

    Estimated time until completion: at least a week. It depends on how busy I am from day to day really.