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Originally Posted by kaka1918 View Post
Nice tutoriel
it is very very very very goood
Originally Posted by Vince_27 View Post
Hmm It's a very good tutorial but I need some help.
I have this map but I haven't the tilesets which goes with.

The map but no tileset of the map so I can't insert.
ps: It's for a Ruby hack.
Well, of course you have to make the tileset yourself. I don't think there's a program that does all the work for you. You can do that as follows: Open up your map in an image editor with a 8x8 grid, like GIMP. (Make sure the grid is turned on.) Then, make a new image from 128x128 pixels. (256x64 or 64x256 is fine, too.) Then copy the 8x8 tiles from the map onto the empty image. (The grid has to be turned on there, too.) Do that with every tile, except for the ones you have in your map multiple times, like the tiles filled with one color only, for example the sea tiles. If you have too many tiles, you need to check if you don't accidentally have some double tiles in the tileset, or else edit the tileset, and map, in a way that you CAN fill a complete tileset. And if you have too little tiles, just fill up the remaining spaces with the seawater-blue or something.
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