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    Originally Posted by Xatoku View Post
    Alright Min and Cal, you've been accepted, remember guys, think hard about where you want your character to be seen for the first time. Here are some good suggestions:

    Silver Conference
    Elite 4 Preliminaries
    Any Gym Throughout Johto Preliminaries
    Charcific Valley

    Enough said, btw I'll be having Silver steal Totodile for the game. AND about the tiles, I don't care really if they're overused because as I'm using those tiles, I'm inserting some of my own, such as the houses in New Bark.

    cool. Thanks for accepting!

    just as a fun fact- the character's outfit is a pink jumpsuit with a hood... hence the lack of separation from the shirt-area to pants-area. lol

    And I mentioned this above, but reminder- Min meets Silver after he beats Whitney but the battle in Ecruteak. (anywhere in that city- first visit- is fine.)
    If they can meet in the collosseum too that would be cool! And maybe other places along the way, where Min tests Silver's skills.